Something fun...

Something fun and random!  If I lived in Copenhagen, this would be my wallpaper!


A few months ago I got hypnotised by geos.  I just couldn't stop!  I think they are really fun.  I would love to find the perfect placement for them.  Maybe snowboards, vans shoes?  What do you think?


Photoshop play...

The promise of the coming summer has been tempting me to take a dip into watercolors. Hopefully I will find the time to experiment soon.  Perhaps after the month of madness that is May...  Anyway for now here's the product of some photoshop play.  Enjoy!


New Prints for a "Print and Pattern" Day...

Just a few new prints to celebrate my post on print and pattern today.  It's pretty exciting, be sure to stop by and check it out here!  Want to see more prints in this collection?  Email me at info@khristianahowell.com


T is for Tulips!

Nothing says springtime like a frolic through the tulip fields!  A sea of rich, vibriant color is the best eye candy...enjoy!


New Beginnings...

It's Springtime!!  The sun is actually shinning in Seattle!  This is always a cause to celebrate.   What better way to celebrate than with my first blog entry?!  This will be a place to share new work, inspiration and things that make me smile.  My hope is they will make you do the same!  In case any of you were wondering, parapluies et soleil means umbrellas and sunshine in French (my obsession in case you were unaware). I thought it was the appropriate way to sum up my road to making design my life while in Seattle  :)  Soon my time here will come to an end (I will keep you posted of course on the progress).  Until then, enjoy the sun!

A Bientot!