trend alert - buffalo nation...

Happy Monday all. Major, huge trend alert to start your week. All things native american! The global ethnic trend has finally come back home. The prints, the tonal camels mixed with subtle earthy pops of color, and tons of fur. Its all happening for fall!  Try throwing in primary colors and brights into your prints for a youthful take on the trend.images Marie Claire Magazine and Free People


creative connections event + me!!...

Happy Friday everyone!  So a few weeks ago I blogged about a great new event happening in September called the Creative Connections Event.  As you already know, it will be a really wonderful exchange of creative entrepreneurs artists and crafts people.  Sounds fab right?  I know!  I am so thrilled to say that I will be participating on the how to launch a business panel!  I will be traveling to the event sponsored by my wonderful licensee Anthology Fabrics.  That's right!  I have ANOTHER fabric collection coming out soon!!  Details on that later. Here's a little blurb from the site about the event.

THE CREATIVE CONNECTION will bring together women who are passionate about being creative in their everyday lives as artists, bloggers, cooks, business owners and crafters. Come learn, create, market, shop and connect with like-minded women from all across the United States!

Check them out on facebook, and my favorite, twitter.  Head here to learn how to register for the event.  Let me know if you are attending the show.  I would love to meet up!

PS > psst. fabric lovers...did you know AMY BUTLER is going to be there!!!


the ghost artists...

I was browsing through one of the design books on my shelf called Textile Designs by Susan Meller and Joost Elffers.  Do you have it?  For some reason I landed on the introduction.  A portion of it is titled The Ghost Artist.  I'm certain you can infer the subject by the title.  This line really struck a cord with me, "The countless images that wrap our bodies and decorate our homes are in fact seen so often that they take special attention to be seen at all."  I am always fascinated by this idea.  Pattern plays such a large role in all of our lives, but few really think about how the patterns were born. When I explain to people what I do, one reaction is sure to be, 'wow I never thought about that'.  Isn't it so interesting all the things in our lives that we think "just are".  Do you/have you ever felt like a ghost artist?  This is why I love licensing because the value of what we all do is not taken for granted.  I do feel there is more attention on the field right now which is awesome.  The work of Bowie Style, Tricia Guild, and even Ikea have really helped to cast some light on our wonderful world of pattern.  Happy designing this wednesday friends!


art licensing - lessons in patience and endurance...

One year and two months in the making, my first fabric collection for Robert Kaufman is here!  I have actual samples, of actual fabric, that actually has my name on the selvedge!  This is crazy exciting!  When I got the box I could not get it open fast enough in between jumping up and down for joy.  So here's the scoop guys, samples in hand - yes, BUT the collection will not be in stores until OCTOBER.  So don't run over to the RK site, or rush into your favorite shop just yet.  You can just salivate in anticipation right here for a few short months!  P.S.  I am dying about the way that blue coloway turned out, aren't you?

So I was catching up with a really good friend yesterday.  She is a creative entrepreneur as well (if fact she designed my wedding dress).  She has the most radiant soul, and she always has a way of keeping things in a wonderful positive perspective.  As we were chatting about what is going on with each of our endeavors, we landed the subject of the long process of getting a business going, especially in licensing.  I don't think it is a secret that I can be a bit dramatic at times (well its not now!).  I said something to here like 'it takes so loooooong', yeah, you can hear it right? Her response - this is all a lesson in patience and endurance.  If you really want to be successful in licensing, you must have these two things. You know how sometimes people say just the right things at just the right times?  She hit the nail on the head yesterday.  It was just a great reminder to continue to look at the bigger picture.  So today I celebrate my fabulous samples, and in a few short months I will celebrate again!  If you are at the beginning of your art licensing journey, use these two words as a mantra on the tough days (and there will be a few of course).  You will be sure to feel a surge of strength as I have.


guest posting on Meylah...

Happy Friday everyone!  Today I have a guest post up over on Meylah!  I met Courtney of Meylah when she left a lovely comment on my guest post on Crafting an MBA.  She really responded to the post, and suggested I do a part 2 - so I did!  :)  Head over to her blog to check it out!  Thanks for posting Courtney!


artists i love - valentina ramos...

[caption id="attachment_2287" align="aligncenter" width="430" caption="copyright valentina ramos"]copyright valentina ramos[/caption]

Omg! Really.  I don't think I need to explain why I love everything about Valentina.  Her work is stunning!  Intricate inky goodness, and so much fun!  Be sure to stop by her fab etsy shop, and a giveaway happening over on spring!

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finding inspiration...

Do you ever get to that really stuck place?  You know where nothing seems quite right?  I have been on an inspiration hunt, and not a whole lot is really ringing true.  Yesterday I spent some timing digging through the latest shows from the resort lines.  That helped a bit, and I think I will spend a bit more time on that today.  What I am craving is an adventure!  But sadly adventure is not in my near future.  I'll be heading off to New York for Printsource in a few weeks, but I am longing for a place I have never been.  Exploration.  Experimentation.  I need it now!  What do you do when you get to that stuck place?  I would love to hear what reignites that fire for you.  For now, this is where I am starting.  There are definitely elements here that are ringing true and can (will, must)  lead to something exciting.  You guys know it all starts with color for me, and I am really intrigued by all the "new neutrals" right now...hmm. down the rabbit hole I go.


fashion tuesdays...

Fashion has always been (one of) my first love.  It was how I discovered this whole surface design gig really.  I am constantly turning to the runways for a heavy dose of fantastic inspiration.  So I thought I would share my findings with you.  Each Tuesday I'll share some  lovelies we only dream of owning, but can admire all we want!

fashion - falling for anna sui...

And she's done it again...  I just can't get enough of the whimsy in all of Anna Sui's designs.  This fall she has just killed it.  This rich color palette is to die for.  It just screams bohemian victorian richness to me - LOVE.  I really love the she is flashing the ever present folk/ethnic trend a bit forward with this strong mountain graphic.  I am going to experiment with all these yummy jewel tones and pair them with a range of fleshy neutrals.  YUM!  Any color trends you are loving right now?


the four week foundation...

Happy Monday all!  Hope everyone (state side) had a great holiday weekend.  I was busy cooking up an awesome new freebie!  The Four Week Foundation is a sister of sorts to the summer lovin' series.  This printable download gives you four goals to complete over four weeks to get you jump started on your trade show goals. Hooray!  No more feeling stuck or overwhelmed about where to start!  All you have to do is sign up to get Parapluies et Soleil in your inbox, or if you just want the occasional newsletter, that's cool too!  Here's to a successful week!