my art licensing story + small break...

The wonderful artist and art licensing coach Tara Reed has asked us to share our art licensing story.  Who knew shooting a little video would be so much fun?!  Thanks for the push Tara!  Want to see more stories? They are available on Tara's blog.

Leaving you with my story this week as I head to Austin!  I am ready for a week full of friends, a wedding, and a bit of inspiration shopping too.


haiti relief auction update...

A few weeks back I designed the logo and donated a photo for the haiti relief auction sponsored by Indiefixx. The turn out was amazing! I am so proud to have been a part of this effort!  Kudos to Jen at Indiefixx for organizing such a great event.  Remember, the work is truly just beginning for the victims in Haiti, so please continue to keep them in you thoughts and continue to give when you can.  I am reposting Jen's final update here.

It’s official! We made over $2,000 in the Haiti Relief Fundraiser…$2028 to be exact. I just made the donation to the Red Cross International Response Fund after waiting for all the funds to come in & to clear Paypal.  In the interest of transparency, you can see my donation verification below—with sensitive info blanked out, of course.

I want to take this time to thank all those who donated prizes as well as all the wonderful folks who bid on them. I’d also like to thank you bloggers who helped me get the word out about the fundraiser. There are really tooooo many to name individually, but you know who you are! Finally, thanks to Khristian A. Howell, who very generously created the fundraiser logo, and to Amy the intern for helping me to coordinate the silent auctions.

I’m so proud of our little community for getting involved and want to encourage you to not forget about future donations to benefit Haiti. The Haitian people are going to need our help for some time.


happy valentine's day!...

valentine's day wordsI hope you all have a lovely, chocolatey, champagne bubble filled weekend!  Kisses!


artists i love - rex ray...

rex ray 9rex ray 6I have new design crush!!  Do you guys know Rex Ray?  I hope I am not the last person to know like the last girl to find out about the party.  Well now I have seen the light!  Wow!  I am just in love with this work.  All his bright, geoy, graphic multi media goodness can be found at gallery 16 in san fran.  Enjoy!rex ray 4rex ray 1rex ray 2Even his studio space is perfection!!rex ray 10rex ray 11


Vinyasa flow - my prints for REI...

[caption id="attachment_1254" align="aligncenter" width="430" caption="and a headband too!"]and a headband too![/caption]

rei yoga linerei yoga printrei yoga tankHooray!  The prints I developed for REI's yoga program have finally hit the floor!  I think I will have to go check it out live this weekend!


blog it forward - the mashup...

blog it forward

Happy Monday!  I am very excited to be participating in the first ever blog mashup!  This is going to be so fun!  It will be like playing that game where one person starts a story and the next has to continue it and then the next...well you get it!  We'll get to learn a little more about the bloggers we follow daily and find some new gems as well.  Big thanks to Victoria over at sf girl by bay for organizing 300 bloggers!!!  Cheers to Victoria!

spring 2010 - feeling blue (and a little aqua)...

I just can't wait for spring!  Raise your hand if you are over dry cold winter wind!  I am noticing lots of blue out there!  Who doesn't love blue??spring 2010 color

1,3,6,9,10 - anthropologie

2 - marni

4 - balenciaga

5 - elle saab

7 - balenciaga

8 - theory

11 - chanel

my marimekko print + anthropologie...

my marimekko and anthropologieomg omg omg! My marimekko wall hanging is now a shower curtain at anthro!  I picked up this wall hanging last year in the spring just before we left Seattle.  I see something new in it each time a gazed upon it.  I guess great minds think alike!  :)

bloom where you're planed issue #06

bloomhere's how I am blooming this week...

*  checking out a new workspace

*  having dinner with girlfriends old and new

*  taking a day trip to visit extended family

*  bonding with my new local market

Have you been picked up and dropped suddenly into a new home?  Are you making the best of it everyday?  I want to hear your stories!  Email me and tell me your story, and you'll be featured here!


jet stream - south africa with jesse breytenbach...

We have a wonderful treat today on the jet stream.  Jesse Breytenbach is a wonderful artist who has been featured here before.  She does a fantastic range of hand screened items that are all available in her etsy shop.  She has been kind enough to whisk us away to the place she calls home - South Africa.

cape town river A favourite walk along the river.... it's a short walk, but so pretty.Cape Town & District Association for the Hearing ImpairedAlthough this is called the 'Cape Town & District Association for the Hearing Impaired', the sign on the window says it's the 'Deaf Club'. A man standing against the corner asked me whether I was an artist. I mumbled "Sort of" and he wished me a nice day. I do like my neighbourhood!grain mill cape town south africaThe grain mill is quite near my house; it's the tallest building for miles around. It's in an area that used to be heavily industrial, right next the railway line. Now most of the grain is transported by road, which means that huge trucks thunder past, literally shaking foundations as they go, causing cups and glasses to rattle in my kitchen cupboards. The trucks regularly get stuck in the narrow roads, too, to the amusement of pedestrians, but not drivers, I suppose. To really appreciate it's Art Deco touches, it's best to see it from train going past.Burger Fair Cape Town South AfricaAnd Burger Fair as the sun sets: burgers that taste home-made, eaten from a tray clipped on to the car window. The waitress isn't on rollerskates, but she should be.Werdmuller Centre cape town south africaThe Werdmuller Centre is a shopping centre that was built in the 70s by a world-renowned architect. People either love it or loathe it, and there are constant rumours and threats of demolition. It's mostly empty but for a church, a few dingy shops, and the best secondhand bookshop in Cape Town, Cafda. I think it's beautiful!


wow! slammed!!

wow! This year is just taking off!! I will be taking the next two days to design my little heart out.  Back on Friday with a very special jet stream all the way from South Africa!!


Art Wall Master Bedroom...

I am so happy to finally tell you that I am part of the exciting new art wall project!!  eek!  I am thrilled.  Check me out in the most important room in the house (wink, wink) the master bedroom!ArtWall Master Bedroom

bloom where you're planted - issue #05...

Finally took a moment to say aaahhhh and went to the spa.  It was a long time coming truly.  The reason this is how I am blooming this week is because I allowed myself to be vulnerable (gasp) an made a new friend.  If you are ever in Atlanta, go to the bliss spa in midtown and ask for Mary!  ;-)bliss spabliss-spa4bliss spabliss spa