marimekko - fall 2010...

As you well know, one of my all time favs!  Here's what's happening at Marimekko this fall.

[caption id="attachment_2638" align="aligncenter" width="430" caption="fabrics"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_2639" align="aligncenter" width="430" caption="more wonderful fabrics"][/caption]

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four years ago...

Four years ago today I began an adventure with my very best friend. He puts up with a moody artist everyday, and I am very lucky! I realized that you've never really seen parts of this day! Here's a peek at a magical time that was full of good friends, great food, and a whole lot of dancing!  He's pretty cool.  :)  Check him out here and here. Dress by my amazingly talented and kind friend Analea De La Fuente.

[caption id="attachment_2623" align="aligncenter" width="430" caption="a girls has to have her dots!"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_2625" align="aligncenter" width="429" caption="I'm not expressive, I swear..."][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_2624" align="aligncenter" width="430" caption="RACHEL we said it's time to BOOGIE!"][/caption]


What is your Biggest Trade Show Question?

Happy Monday all!  I am in the final stages of putting together SHOWSTOPPER - Road Map to Rocking Your Trade Show, and I need your help.  I want to know what is your biggest question regarding doing a show?  I would be very thankful if you would take a moment to fill out my little survey (and click the share link too!).  If you are not already on the SS mailing list, what are you waiting for??  :0)  Have a great week everyone!

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a bit of eye candy from nyfw...

Hi!  Hope you are all enjoying your Sunday.  I usually really dig in and bring you all my favorites from Fashion Week.  I just haven't had the time lately, with fabric lines coming out, designing new freebies,  and launching a new (awesome) product.  There is just not enough time in the day!  I thought I would share one of my stand outs from the shows a few weeks ago. Enjoy!

Loving the full on Chinoiserie at Philosophy!


Showstopper - road map to rocking your trade show...

I've been telling you something BIG was coming in September, well the wait is finally over!  Almost!  On the heels of writing Confessions of a First Timer, I have received loads of requests to go deeper into the process.  I've taken all your requests and more and created SHOWSTOPPER - Road Map to Rocking your Trade Show. This is not just an ebook!  With the help of some AWESOME GUEST STARS, I have literally created your guide to getting it all done. What I can tell you now, is this project is like no other. While I am putting the final touches on things, hop on the mailing list to be THE FIRST to hear about the upcoming release, FREEBIES, and a few surprises (that you will only find out if you are on the list! :)) along the way.  Show season will soon be upon us!  Get ready to be a Showstopper!

Excited??  I am!  I would love if you would tweet it, post it on FB, and tell all your friends who have been dreaming of making their show dreams a reality!


Happy Birthday to me! Free download for you!

Today's the day!!  Today I am turning the big 3-0!!  Guess that means the training wheels are off, and I am really, really an adult!  Wow, how strange is that?!  There have been a lot of 30 before 30, or 30 while...kinds of lists going around, and that is great fun.  I've decided to keep things a bit more simple.  In honor of my big day, I've decided to work on three really important things this year, and maybe one to grow on too!  :)  This year I will strive to...

1/  Be a better friend.

2/  Be a better daughter

3/  Stop neglecting the things that deeply feed my soul (the French language, salsa dancing, and yoga)

Let's face it.  This year has been totally crazy!  Getting a business off the ground, going to my first trade show, writing an ebook, these are no small tasks.  My work life balance has pretty much been out the window.  Obviously, I have been having so much fun building my business, but all work and no play...well you know how it goes.  My friends and family have been sooo very supportive in the last few years of my new independent adventure, I want to be sure to spend more quality time with all of them.  So this is my commitment to myself (in a very public forum so you all will hold me to it!) - this year, I restore the balance.

And here is my gift to you in the form of a pretty cute printable if I say so myself!  Click the image and it's all yours - blank for you to fill in of course!  Hooray for all the Virgos!


Creative Connections Event 2010 - HUGE SUCCESS!...

Happy Monday all!  I'm back after spending four days in Minneapolis at the Creative Connections Event! I feel so lucky to have been a part of the inaugural event created by the dynamic duo of Nancy Soriano and Jo Packham.  Big, huge thank you to Nancy for inviting me to speak on the How to Launch a Business Panel.  This is event was so impressive, it is hard to know where to start.  The most valuable part of this experience for me was how sincerely everyone wanted to share and nurture business and creativity.  By that I mean not only for their own ventures, but also for everyone else's who was at the event as well.  This event was truly a manifestation of what is happening in the craft/creative/women's arts movement.  Everyone was so kind, and giving with their knowledge and talents.  It was remarkable, motivating, and heart warming.  This few days was far above and beyond a creative meetup.  The Creative Connections Event was, and will continue to be, a place to learn about your craft, your community, you business, and a wonderful safe place to explore the depths of your creative make up.lisa leonard generously donated the lovely necklace in our bags!
So just to get an idea of what the days were like...PACKED with goodies to say the least.  The handmade market was open daily (and open to the public as well).  There were also a wide range of classes throughout the day from painting folk art to jewelry making and everywhere in between.  Lunches and dinners were provided and included a keynote speaker (Amy Butler, Ree Drummond, etc) or a panel on great subjects like the ins and outs of the editorial process (ie getting published, press etc).  The dinners were great because they provided another great time to meet other fabulous creative women (especially if you were traveling alone like me).

Each day included a morning panel and an afternoon panel.  Topics included: How to start a business (that's me with my panel pals!  Amy Barickman, Laurie Lenfestey, and Serena Thompson), Using Social Media as a Marketing Tool, Blogging:  How to Make it Matter More, The Future Face of Retail etc.

one of the dinners included beautiful decorations by Christine Hoffman


on my way! creative connections event 2010

I'm so excited!  I am heading to the first annual Creative Connections event tomorrow!!  Will you be there???  I will be speaking on the how to start a business panel taking place Thursday morning from 8:30-11 on Thursday (9.16)  Three whole days of meeting all kinds of fantastic, exciting creative women.  Including...drumroll please... AMY BUTLER! Yep, I know NOW you are jealous.   Well don't be!  Hop a plane and meet us in Minneapolis why don't you!  Full report to come - promise!  BTW, did you get your free printable yesterday?


what is there to fear? - free download...

Happy Monday all! Did you know that September is my favorite month of all?! AND its my birthday month? AND I am turning 30?! Oh yeah, we are celebrating all month long over here! I have a great new project in the works (details to come, promise!), and I am just on top of the world with all my fabric collections FINALLY hitting stores! How about a free download to start the week? A little question I ask myself whenever, I want to start something new, or just get nervous about the future. I know we have all been there. Here is a friendly reminder there is really nothing to fear. Two colorways to choose from. Enjoy! Just click the image for your FREE DOWNLOAD! Here's to a great week!


sightings - high society for anthology fabrics!...

Hello this Saturday!  I know you are not used to seeing me today, but there are so many exciting things happening, I just couldn't wait until Monday to share!  My second fabric project is finally ready and hitting stores as we speak!  Yep, I have not one, but two great new lines available now!  Anthology Fabrics is a new group who made their debut with one of  my collections this past May at quilt market.  They have actually been providing quality fabrics to the fashion industry for over 25 years, so the quilt division seemed a natural progression.  My first line, High Society is available in three colorways, and is full of really contemporary  modern prints (if I do say so myself!)  :)  Here are a few places that are already buzzing about the line!  Be sure to keep scrolling down to find out about a GIVEAWAY happening this weekend only!  Thank you to all these wonderful shops for carrying and posting about High Society!!

Rock Paper Scissors in New Jersey!

Hannah colorway

high society for anthology fabrics at fabric quarter

The Fabric Quarter Quilt Shop

Sew, Mama, Sew is hosting a giveaway through the weekend!  Winner will be announced on Monday!


Vintage Garden Party

Hi all! Amongst all the busy "hooplah" that are in our daily lives we all need a few moments of inspiration and awe. While in New York City with Khristian for Printsource I  found that little spot where all was calm in the world. Tucked away in my friend's backyard in the busiest city of ole' New York is where I took in all that was around me. I took a moment to take these beautiful photographs. I look at these for design and color inspiration for the projects I am doing in school at the moment, and I hope you find joy in them as well.

I love this teal color against the antiqued rust and mixing erosion with such distinguished line quality.

This door makes me want to start a collection of doorknobs.

Vintage florals are everywhere! This old chair is proof that flowers are a timeless classic. Mixing it up with fun, bright teals is a retro way of making old things new again.


manhattan adventures - kaas...

I was on the hunt to visit the oh so fab hable construction when I was in New York last month.  I finally found the tiny door on Perry Street in the west village.  To  my surprise hable was no longer there.  Instead I found this little jewel Kaas Glassworks.  They do a wide fabulous range of handmade decoupage.  There images come from scouring flea markets for old paper.  The results is a space that feels aged and oh so romantic.  They also do custom work which is so exciting!  Enjoy!


new art, new products, yay!...

I just love hearing the sound of the fedex truck pulling up, don't you? Last week I was very pleasantly surprised to receive this gorgeous new catalog from one of my new licensees I met at SURTEX! My bikes from my Cafe du Monde line are going to be on this adorable napkin! How exciting right? How great are these images too?! This is a new line for the group.  It's called Elise. Look for the new line with my napkins next spring. Hooray! :)