Vintage Garden Party

Hi all! Amongst all the busy "hooplah" that are in our daily lives we all need a few moments of inspiration and awe. While in New York City with Khristian for Printsource I  found that little spot where all was calm in the world. Tucked away in my friend's backyard in the busiest city of ole' New York is where I took in all that was around me. I took a moment to take these beautiful photographs. I look at these for design and color inspiration for the projects I am doing in school at the moment, and I hope you find joy in them as well.

I love this teal color against the antiqued rust and mixing erosion with such distinguished line quality.

This door makes me want to start a collection of doorknobs.

Vintage florals are everywhere! This old chair is proof that flowers are a timeless classic. Mixing it up with fun, bright teals is a retro way of making old things new again.

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