happy holidays!

Have a great holiday everyone!  I'll be back at it in January.

Part of the Handmade Holiday Collection.  Contact me for further info.
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SURTEX Conference Program - and me!...

I am so excited to finally be able to tell you!  I will be speaking at the SURTEX Conference Program during the show this May!  I am so very thrilled and honored to have been invited!  The session I will be participating in is called  Core Basics III - Marketing and Presentation.  Guess who I will be speaking with...TARA REED!!!  I'm pumped!  Make sure you make time to take advantage of all the fantastic seminars!


good memories, and new shoes?...

I just could not resist reposting this post from my best friend Mary Beth over at Pink Light Design!  We used to spend nearly every waking minute together when I was living in Seattle.  I miss her dearly, but luckily I get to see hear a few times a year at the shows!

Post from Pink Happy Thoughts Always

I think these gorgeous Kate Spade heels might be my Happy New Year gift to myself! I have the perfect pair of black and white polka dot shoes that remind me of these that are almost shredded because I love them so much! Miss Khristian Howell and I have the same pair and we used to heat up the salsa dance floor in them. They need replacing and we need to dance again! ;)

Here are the old "dots".  We both have a pair, and I even got married in them!  Then the took their rightful place as our hot salsa shoes!


new obsession - john robshaw textiles...

Hi all!  I am officially back!  No more crazy cold for me.  I finally feel like me again!!  Ahhh....  So let's jump right back into some goodies!  I stumbled upon this designer a few weeks back, and now I think I am obsessed!  John Robshaw  TextilesStrange enough, I am not usually one for pattern on bedding for myself.  I usually like clean fresh whites, or creamy neutrals.  I think it is the warm, earthy, organic goodness from John Robshaw that has entranced me.  Everything is hand dyed and block printed in India, and it just has that close to the land feeling.  These would be amazing in any guest room.John Robshaw TextilesJohn Robshaw Textiles


a creative odyssey blog hop - 2011 goals...

Sorry to have been away, something really awful got hold of me and wouldn't let go all week.  I am still on the mend, but at least I am back moving around in the world!  Jess over at Epheriell Designs has invited a handfull of blogs to participate in a little year end hop.  Topic: Creative Goals and Dreams for 2011.I thought this would be a really easy thing to write about.  I know EXACTLY what I want out of my business, right?  Well, turns out it is a bit more tricky than first thought.  I have never been a good long term planner.  My husband and I think we are the best team in the world because he does the long term, and I am the daily tasks master who can make the small, add up to the big.  If you have picked up any of my ebooks, you have likely already caught on to this little tidbit about me.  However, today and more deeply at the end of the month, I am going to challenge myself to take a look at the 2011 landscape as a whole.  My heart will beat a little faster.  I will be inclined to say, 'oh I don't have to worry about that now'.  Yet, I am going to move forward, because that is what a grown up business owner does, right??  Ok, I know the answer is yes! :)  I am excited about seeing my life and business through a wider lens.  I have some deep digging to do on this topic yet, but here are a few highlights.

1.  Make every decision asking myself "Is this right for my brand"?

2.  Get the books in order.  I am ready to face that I can't do EVERYTHING all the time.  I am so ready to outsource the bookeeping.

3.  Allow myself the time to explore different creative outlets.  I want, need, am dying to paint.  So why don't I just do it already?!

That kicks off the list.  At the end of the year, I will asses fully, and come back to you with the highlights.  I hope you will do the same!  Be sure to stop by Trish Alan Designs today as well for her 2011 goals!


free printable gift tags!...

Happy Monday all!  How about some free printable gift tags to start the week?  Hope you love them!  Just click here or on the image to download. (Just for you. Not for resell. Don't be a meanie during the holidays!)Holiday gift tags by Khristian A. Howell

new community for artists!

The amazing Tara Reed has done it again!  Not only does she inspire, guide, and excite artists who are interested in licensing.  She also offers an incredible range of tools to help you from beginning to end!  I mean I thought she really covered it all!  Well now she really has!  She has created an online community called Inner Circle just for artists like you and me.  Here's what you get!

INNER CIRCLE artists...

… want to know HOW to license their art. What steps to take to get from thinking about it to actually doing it.

… want to better understand what manufacturers are looking for.

… want to learn how to create licensable art and how to connect with the companies and license their art.

… want regular resources and advice that is specific to the art licensing industry today.

… want access to support and advice for their particular questions.

Inner Circle Artists receive private benefits, practical help and exclusive discounts that are designed to give both your business and life a serious advantage. It's a one-of-a-kind online coaching club designed to support artists on every level. Just think, what could you accomplish if you were given access to the inner workings of the art licensing industry?

Sounds amazing right?  When you are looking for more than an ebook and a little less than private coaching, which can be costly, the Inner Circle provides the perfect middle ground!

In other news... Tara is running a fantastic special on all the Paul Brent audio from the Ask Calls.  You can get the whole bundle for 25% off thru December 30th!  I've listened live to a few of the calls, and let me tell you, they are FULL of awesome information that only comes with experience.  They all contain super valuable advice from someone who has had a very long and successful career licensing art.  So, you're still here?  Go check it out already!  :0)


high society giveaway!...

Happy Friday everyone!  I'm giving away a FQ of High Society in Hannah!  This giveaway if for the FB CROWD ONLY (hey, why not shake things up a bit?)  So head over and check it out already! :)  Leave your comment under the three pics of the fabric on the FB PAGE! Have a great weekend all!

high society goodies...

Thank you so much to everyone who is creating with High Society fabrics!  I want to share with you some of the lovelies that have popped up in the flickr pool!  Please join the pool if you are having fun with the fabrics too!

Lisa Lam's Bucket bag with High society fabric by Khristian A. Howell

Bliss Bags by Jackie Maree

high society coffee cozies

Mary Mule

Autumn Strings Quilt

Freckled Whimsy

reversible shopper

Sew Fun by Monique

High Society patchwork skirt

Rosie's Whimsy


trend alert - disco baby!...

Ok.  Love it or hate it...its happening.  Disco is creeping its way back into our lives.  Ok, well for some of us, this will be the first go 'round at it. I know some of you may be holding yourselves back from gagging right now, but I gotta tell you...I think I am into it!  What is making me go over the top??  One guess...the color!  It's like a fruit salad ran away with a bunch pomegranates, and picked up some eggplant along the way for good measure.  (I know that didn't make any sense...)  I also love the idea of pairing them down with a range of camels.  AND, really, who can do over-the-top, yet wearable better than Marc Jacobs?

It's fun, it's girly, and vampy all at the same time.  I love how last season is was all about the 50's and those plunging bustlines.  It's like it's ok to a WOMAN again!  It all really feels like a party!  Of course I am on board with anything that has a sense of joie de vivre about it!    You can really pull some amazing color palettes from this trend and play with lots of color blocking....hmmm....photos. Marc Jacobs Spring 11 from style.com and snaps from Dec 2010 Vogue.