trend alert - disco baby!...

Ok.  Love it or hate it...its happening.  Disco is creeping its way back into our lives.  Ok, well for some of us, this will be the first go 'round at it. I know some of you may be holding yourselves back from gagging right now, but I gotta tell you...I think I am into it!  What is making me go over the top??  One guess...the color!  It's like a fruit salad ran away with a bunch pomegranates, and picked up some eggplant along the way for good measure.  (I know that didn't make any sense...)  I also love the idea of pairing them down with a range of camels.  AND, really, who can do over-the-top, yet wearable better than Marc Jacobs?

It's fun, it's girly, and vampy all at the same time.  I love how last season is was all about the 50's and those plunging bustlines.  It's like it's ok to a WOMAN again!  It all really feels like a party!  Of course I am on board with anything that has a sense of joie de vivre about it!    You can really pull some amazing color palettes from this trend and play with lots of color blocking....hmmm....photos. Marc Jacobs Spring 11 from style.com and snaps from Dec 2010 Vogue.

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