a creative odyssey blog hop - 2011 goals...

Sorry to have been away, something really awful got hold of me and wouldn't let go all week.  I am still on the mend, but at least I am back moving around in the world!  Jess over at Epheriell Designs has invited a handfull of blogs to participate in a little year end hop.  Topic: Creative Goals and Dreams for 2011.I thought this would be a really easy thing to write about.  I know EXACTLY what I want out of my business, right?  Well, turns out it is a bit more tricky than first thought.  I have never been a good long term planner.  My husband and I think we are the best team in the world because he does the long term, and I am the daily tasks master who can make the small, add up to the big.  If you have picked up any of my ebooks, you have likely already caught on to this little tidbit about me.  However, today and more deeply at the end of the month, I am going to challenge myself to take a look at the 2011 landscape as a whole.  My heart will beat a little faster.  I will be inclined to say, 'oh I don't have to worry about that now'.  Yet, I am going to move forward, because that is what a grown up business owner does, right??  Ok, I know the answer is yes! :)  I am excited about seeing my life and business through a wider lens.  I have some deep digging to do on this topic yet, but here are a few highlights.

1.  Make every decision asking myself "Is this right for my brand"?

2.  Get the books in order.  I am ready to face that I can't do EVERYTHING all the time.  I am so ready to outsource the bookeeping.

3.  Allow myself the time to explore different creative outlets.  I want, need, am dying to paint.  So why don't I just do it already?!

That kicks off the list.  At the end of the year, I will asses fully, and come back to you with the highlights.  I hope you will do the same!  Be sure to stop by Trish Alan Designs today as well for her 2011 goals!


Jess said...

Khristian, I can so relate to your 'books' goal! I'm at the stage where I'm going to have to let go of a little control and outsource some of that work - but it's quite frightening to consider!

Good luck growing your own creative biz this year - and get painting! :)

Jessa | ReArtingDotNet said...

I especially like your first goal, "Is this right for my brand?" That is key to your success and business development. Everything I do in my business relates back to my brand.

And I hear ya on the bookkeeping! That will be the first thing I outsource.

*waves from the blog hop train*

Brandi said...

Oh man, if I could only outsource the bookkeeping! That would definitely be a load off each month, for sure. And definitely paint if you want to paint! I find working in another medium helps jog ideas in my primary area.

But I like your #1 the best - such an important question as you move forward, isn't it? Reassessing, reevaluating - such a good goal!

Angela Flicker said...

Yes, yes, and yes --I especially related to your first point. Ideas flow constantly in and out of my mind and sometimes I need to stop and realize that as great as some of the ideas are, if they're not appropriate for my brand then maybe I should put them on the shelf. Seems so logical, yet I struggle with it ;)

Good luck to you, as you begin to look at 2011 as a whole. I know you can do it and maybe your husband can help ;)

Hope you're feeling better.

Anastasia said...

some great goals here!! i think small steps is the best way to go... i dont like to make too many goals or unrealistic goals - it just adds more pressure to my day and time! haha

Jess said...

I love any statement that begins with "allow myself to..."

We should always listen to what's in our hearts... good luck in the coming year.