good memories, and new shoes?...

I just could not resist reposting this post from my best friend Mary Beth over at Pink Light Design!  We used to spend nearly every waking minute together when I was living in Seattle.  I miss her dearly, but luckily I get to see hear a few times a year at the shows!

Post from Pink Happy Thoughts Always

I think these gorgeous Kate Spade heels might be my Happy New Year gift to myself! I have the perfect pair of black and white polka dot shoes that remind me of these that are almost shredded because I love them so much! Miss Khristian Howell and I have the same pair and we used to heat up the salsa dance floor in them. They need replacing and we need to dance again! ;)

Here are the old "dots".  We both have a pair, and I even got married in them!  Then the took their rightful place as our hot salsa shoes!

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leyla said...

I got married in yellow shoes and I love wearing them...makes me remember that day all the time :)

I love polka dots.