great feature and away for a tiny bit at CHA...

[caption id="attachment_3461" align="aligncenter" width="430" caption="Los Angeles via AHHITSRUBEN on flickr"]

I'll be away for a couple of days checking out the CHA show in LA! I've already had a great chat with Sparky Fire Pants and caught up with my bff from the old days at Nordstrom Pink LIght Design!  I am really optimistic about this show thus far.  See you all later this week!

Big thank you to Print and Pattern for the great feature on Bryant Park, my new fabric line for Anthology fabrics which will be hitting stores in a few short days!

Image credit:  AHHITSRUBEN


artist interview - jessica durrant...

Um...yeah, it is possible that Jessica Durrant is secretly using me as her muse.  I mean, this is the way I actually see myself, don't you?  Ha!  Well a girl can dream right?  I stumbled upon the amazing work of Jessica Durrant this past year on Pingg.  Her work is so dreamy you really want to be that girl!  Now I am lucky enough to have first hand insight on this amazing artist not only through this interview, but live and in person. Jessica and I now live in the same city, and I must say she is every bit as lovely as the images she creates.  Enjoy, revel, dream. Once she has taken your breath away, don't forget to swing by her etsy shop for even more eye candy!

What three to five words would you use to describe your work?

Balanced, imaginative, flowing, elegant.

What inspires you?

So many things inspire my work: fashion design, urban scenery, Frank Gehry's architecture, Japanese fashion illustration-Ohgushi in particular, indie music, people, nature and things I see in everyday life.

What was your first job?  When/how did you know you wanted a career in art?

My first job in the art field was at my University's art gallery. Being surrounded by artwork for a job was such an inspiring and fun thing to do. I love how being in a museum or gallery ignites conversation and thought.  I knew I always wanted to keep art in my life, whether it be working on the arts administrative side of things, teaching art courses, or selling my own work. After graduating and moving from Phoenix, to Philly to now Atlanta, I've been able to dabble in a little of each of those fields. I always knew as a kid, that I wanted to grow up and sell my artwork.

Finish this sentence.  I could eat___________ all day.

I could eat bread and cheese all day.

Design books/blogs you can't live without

I love Advanced Fashion Drawing by Bill Donovoan, and my favorite fashion blog is leblogdebetty.com.  She's the prettiest French girl who puts together awesome outfits, stuff I want to paint.

What do you do when you are not doing art?

I enjoy spending time outdoors, walking my boston terrier Chloe. I also love to travel, any chance I can go to Europe I take it. I find so much inspiration every time I have gone there.

Name one thing about you that would shock the outside world.

I grew up in Las Vegas, but was not raised in a casino.

Finish this sentence.  If I could time travel, I would arrive...

I would arrive in Rome during the Roman Empire age. I would die to see the Colosseum and the Roman Forum at its height.
What's next?

Keep on creating!


new work...

After my copyrighting spree last week, I can show you a peek of some new work!  Let's start off with a little love fest ok?  This print is part of a series called modern love and is available now in my very new Etsy shop!  (psst!  use coupon code NewAdventures for 20% off everything in the shop!)  If you love it, and want to see the whole series in the shop, let me know!  :)Here's a little peek at two of the prints from new collection Provencal.  One of which (not pictured, gotta leave some surprises!) will be showing up on a really great product we all love soon!  The collection comes in three colorways, lavender (pictured), thyme, and smoke.  You like?  I have some other new bits up my sleeve, buy a lady never reveals ALL her secrets!  Hehe!  Do you guys like seeing peeks at new work?  I'll try to post little bits more often this year.  Happy Creating all!

more tiny prints - moving anyone??...

News Wire for Tiny PrintsMore work for Tiny Prints is popping up on the site!  I started sending designs last summer, and lots of things are finally rolling out!  Such is the life of a licensed artist.  You have to get used to understanding product cycles.  Tiny Prints is actually super quick, but some categories can take months or even years for the product to get to market.   However, it is always really exciting to see.  These are offered as magnets instead of cards which is always a great moving reminder for friends and family.news wire for tiny prints


first look - pre fall 2011...

I know everyone is dying for the end of winter, but the fashion calendar moves to it's own rhythm!  I was researching what I think is going to be happening this fall for a project and came across Jason Wu's pre-fall collection.  Swoon, to say the least.  I love they way his pieces are so structured, but he never forgets what a woman wants.  His work is refined , but always delivers a sense of whimsy as well.  For spring Marc Jacobs really lit things on fire with a total disco revival.  I love the way Wu plays with a shape from that era, but makes it totally modern with this amazing color (above right).For sure look for red this fall as a key color.  Another key thing I am looking forward to is updated stripes.  Prada started things off this spring, and I think things will continue on into fall.


find me on etsy too (and a treat to celebrate!)...

Hi all! Can you believe January is almost over already??  CRAZY!  Well after years (literally) of inner debate, I have decided to open an etsy shop.  It is small for now, and will grow organically over time.  Part of my plan for this year is to begin exploring different sides of my creative voice.  I have always loved the etsy community, and thought I would give it a try.  Pop over and check it out will you?  So...how about a sale to get things started?  Use the code NewAdventures to get 20% off thru Tuesday at midnight! My online shop here has everything available on etsy as well, AND includes my photos (easier b/c of all the different sizes).


more love for tiny prints!...

Queen of Hearts

Three of my designs are available on Valentine's Day cards for Tiny prints!  Click on the images to check out the cards, which you can personalize btw!  Hooray!  I am especially excited to see this first image find a home.  It's one of my all-time favorites!  This print is also available in two sizes in my shop.  Frame it up, and it is the perfect sweet addition to any room.  Celebrate love everyday!!  Also available is this Valentine's party invite!

Be my Sweetie Valentine's card for kidshttp://www.tinyprints.com/greeting/product/22851/valentines_day_cards_cupcake_craving.html


SPECIAL! high society fat quarter bundles!...

I have a very limited number (like really only a handful) of high society fat quarter bundles (in the above prints) leftover from my meeting with the Atlanta Modern Quilting Guild.  They are waiting for you in my shop!  Hurry!  :)


wedding invites for tiny prints...

Thankfully, Spring will soon be upon us.  That means one thing...WEDDINGS!  Here's my latest wedding invite for Tiny Prints! Comes in three pretty colorways.


new goodies in the high society flickr pool!...

[caption id="attachment_3364" align="aligncenter" width="240" caption="by poule du lux"][/caption]

The owner of a new online shop Bliss Tiss based just outside of Paris contacted me a few months ago with very nice things to say about the High Society collection with Anthology fabrics.  Needless to say I was extra flattered since she was French!  :)  Anyway, she has uploaded some amazing projects that have been made by some French fabric lovers!  They are just great! (links are embedded in the photos) Hop in the pool if you like!

[caption id="attachment_3365" align="aligncenter" width="231" caption="by poule du lux"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_3367" align="aligncenter" width="430" caption="by Mes petits riens"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_3368" align="aligncenter" width="430" caption="by Fée des Pom' en sucre"]Blouses Fée des Pom' en sucre[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_3369" align="aligncenter" width="430" caption="by Dis bonjour à la dame"]Cushion Dis bonjour à la dame[/caption]


community SUPER SALE!!!

Happy Monday everyone!! Sitting down?  My super talented friend Jonathan over at Zero 2 Illo is hosting a huge community sale of all the tools you need to jump start your year in art licensing. community 48 hour saleThe sale includes tools from Tara Reed, Chris Guillebeau, Alyson B. Stanfield, Zero 2 Illo, and so many more!  The bundle has 11 great resources in total INCLUDING CONFESSIONS + SHOWSTOPPER (ebook only)!!  All for $47! No, that is not a typo.  If you are waiting for something to come along to push you closer to your goals, this is it!  It only last for 48 hours (ends 9am EST Jan. 12th) so I'd jump at this one if I were you!  Cheers to your 2011 goals!



Happy Friday all!  First week of the year is in the books.  Ah... I love new beginnings.  Anyhow...So....I've been sworn to total secrecy, but what I can tell you is... You will want to be sure to check out this space on Monday.  I'm not talking about a giveaway that maybe one of you will win.  I'm talking about something HUGE that you don't want to miss.  I hope you love surprises, because this one is AWESOME!  Have a great weekend, and see you Monday!


cascading hearts for tiny prints!...

It's almost that time to celebrate L O V E!  Check out my new Valentine's card for Tiny Prints!  This is from my new pattern collection called Ikat Heart!  Hope you heart it!  :)

cascading hearts for tiny prints

collection count - time to get real...

Almost done with one full week of a new year.  Are you ready to go full steam ahead??  I am!  It all starts with a plan.  January marks the beginning of really busy times in the art licensing and print design worlds.  There are so many shows happening in January alone, it's crazy!  Printsource, Direction, Hemetextil, the Atlanta Gift Mart...  If you are headed to those shows, good luck to you!  If however January marks the big countdown to Surtex and the Licensing Expo, this post is for you.  How about a little challenge to start the year, yes?  Can you be more focused and efficient?  I know I can!  What is your collection goal for January?  Can you push yourself to up the ante by two collections?  Maybe three?  More?  Continue to make great art your first priority, but consider how you can perhaps create more space in other areas to really meet aggressive goals.  Now is the time to DREAM BIG!  Have a plan, but need a bit of accountability and a smidge  of cheerleading?  Please share!


new candy - the rue mag blog...

Tell me you've been checking out the new online mag RUE.  It is so fantastic, and will certainly leave you drooling for more!  The team at RUE seemed to know that because now they've started a blog!  This will for sure be added to my growing list of daily musts!  Stop by, you'll be happy you did!

come see me this weekend!...

I will be speaking to the Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild this Sunday!!  Come see me at Tiny Stitches at 10am.  I'll be chatting about the design process and such.  It's gonna be fun, promise!  I'll even have some High Society Fat Quarters for sale!  My friend Jessica Swift will be there too.  It's going to be a party!


more amazing high society goodies!...

[caption id="attachment_3313" align="aligncenter" width="430" caption="Kindle Cover by Little Big Girl Studio"]Kindle Cover by Little Big Girl Studio[/caption]

Can you believe I released TWO fabric collections last year???!!  I still think to  myself, holy cow!  Three years ago, I was saying to myself if only I could get a fabric deal.  I will never be able to express how thankful I am.  BUT...I thought I would try a bit by posting some of the awesome thing you have been creating.  It never gets old seeing what everyone is making with the fabrics, so hop in the High Society (Anthology) and Mon Sheri flickr (Robert Kaufman) pools, and/or post some goodies on my FB page!  Thank you everyone, and I hope you will love Bryant Park releasing this month too! (Links embedded in the photos)

[caption id="attachment_3314" align="aligncenter" width="430" caption="Journal and eyeglasses case from My Point oh Two"]Journal and eyeglasses case from My Point oh Two[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_3315" align="aligncenter" width="322" caption="Apron with Mon Sheri from My Hyggelig"]Apron with Mon Sheri from My Hyggelig[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_3316" align="aligncenter" width="417" caption="Quilt from Jaybird Quilts"]Quilt from Jaybird Quilts[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_3317" align="aligncenter" width="430" caption="Bliss Bags"]Bliss Bags[/caption]


Welcome 2011, and a free download...

Hi Everyone!  I hope you all had a fantastico holiday with your family and friends!  It's no secret among my friends and I that New Year's is my all time favorite holiday.  What can I say, I love a fresh start and a clean slate!  I am really excited about all the possibilities for this new year, are you??  I always like to think that putting goals, and dreams out into the universe in some tangible way brings us one steps closer to making them a reality.  Please feel free to share one thing that is on your horizon for this year!  I always love to hear what people are up to, and get a glimpse at a different way of viewing the world.  I'll start.  This year I am really concentrating on my brand.  I plan to make all decisions asking myself, "Is this right for my brand".  It is so easy to get pulled in a million different directions!  Sometimes out of fear of missing an opportunity.  This year I am choosing to focus more concentrated energy on the things that will really take me closer to my goal.  I am committed to having the courage to let some things go if they are ultimately not right for my brand.  After all, a girl can't do everything at once right??2011 goal download

All that said, is anyone on goal overload yet??  I mean I am really excited and fired up, but wow, there is so much to do!  It's not surprising that I want to and feel like I have to do everything at once.  Since that is not at all possible, my plan is to break things down by each month - much more manageable.  How about a free download for you to do the same?  This little print out has three different colorways in one pdf.  Use one per month, or one for different areas of your life.  Whatever makes sense for you!  Enjoy, and cheers to 2011!  In case you missed my very exciting announcement over the holidays, you can check it out here!