new work...

After my copyrighting spree last week, I can show you a peek of some new work!  Let's start off with a little love fest ok?  This print is part of a series called modern love and is available now in my very new Etsy shop!  (psst!  use coupon code NewAdventures for 20% off everything in the shop!)  If you love it, and want to see the whole series in the shop, let me know!  :)Here's a little peek at two of the prints from new collection Provencal.  One of which (not pictured, gotta leave some surprises!) will be showing up on a really great product we all love soon!  The collection comes in three colorways, lavender (pictured), thyme, and smoke.  You like?  I have some other new bits up my sleeve, buy a lady never reveals ALL her secrets!  Hehe!  Do you guys like seeing peeks at new work?  I'll try to post little bits more often this year.  Happy Creating all!

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