first look - pre fall 2011...

I know everyone is dying for the end of winter, but the fashion calendar moves to it's own rhythm!  I was researching what I think is going to be happening this fall for a project and came across Jason Wu's pre-fall collection.  Swoon, to say the least.  I love they way his pieces are so structured, but he never forgets what a woman wants.  His work is refined , but always delivers a sense of whimsy as well.  For spring Marc Jacobs really lit things on fire with a total disco revival.  I love the way Wu plays with a shape from that era, but makes it totally modern with this amazing color (above right).For sure look for red this fall as a key color.  Another key thing I am looking forward to is updated stripes.  Prada started things off this spring, and I think things will continue on into fall.

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