Welcome 2011, and a free download...

Hi Everyone!  I hope you all had a fantastico holiday with your family and friends!  It's no secret among my friends and I that New Year's is my all time favorite holiday.  What can I say, I love a fresh start and a clean slate!  I am really excited about all the possibilities for this new year, are you??  I always like to think that putting goals, and dreams out into the universe in some tangible way brings us one steps closer to making them a reality.  Please feel free to share one thing that is on your horizon for this year!  I always love to hear what people are up to, and get a glimpse at a different way of viewing the world.  I'll start.  This year I am really concentrating on my brand.  I plan to make all decisions asking myself, "Is this right for my brand".  It is so easy to get pulled in a million different directions!  Sometimes out of fear of missing an opportunity.  This year I am choosing to focus more concentrated energy on the things that will really take me closer to my goal.  I am committed to having the courage to let some things go if they are ultimately not right for my brand.  After all, a girl can't do everything at once right??2011 goal download

All that said, is anyone on goal overload yet??  I mean I am really excited and fired up, but wow, there is so much to do!  It's not surprising that I want to and feel like I have to do everything at once.  Since that is not at all possible, my plan is to break things down by each month - much more manageable.  How about a free download for you to do the same?  This little print out has three different colorways in one pdf.  Use one per month, or one for different areas of your life.  Whatever makes sense for you!  Enjoy, and cheers to 2011!  In case you missed my very exciting announcement over the holidays, you can check it out here!

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