mon sheri for robert kaufman...

Happy Monday friends!  Mon Sheri is one step closer to coming to a fabric store near you!  I was very pleasantly surprised this weekend to see my new collection for Robert Kaufman, Mon Sheri is up on their website!!  Eek times 1000!  This is still hardly real to me even though I have the fabric in hand and everything.  Remember, the collection is not available until October, but you can take a look and start plotting something awesome to make now.  I can't wait to see what will be made with the collection.  I feel a giveaway coming on!  Stay tuned!


a little MOMA for your tuesday...

Here are a few more snaps from my NYC trip a few weeks ago.  Enjoy!  :)

[caption id="attachment_2429" align="aligncenter" width="430" caption="fascinating sculpture"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_2428" align="aligncenter" width="430" caption="and its equally fascinating shadows "][/caption]


welcome my new intern Kristin!...

Happy Monday All!  Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.  I am so happy to introduce you to my super talented intern Kristin.  Kristin in going into her final year of studies, and I am thrilled to have her helping me out.  Here's a little peak at her work.  She will be sharing some inspiration from time to time under the name carpe diem.  Fun name right?  Well there is actually much more coming under that name very soon!  Yep, there is some super secret cooking of awesomeness going on over here!  Anyway, everyone play nice with Kristin!  :)  Here's to a fantastic, productive week!

Bokja Furniture: Ecletic Beauty

Hi all! Kristin the Intern here!

Coming back from NYC, one of my favorite memories was at ABC Carpet & Home where every floor was a new adventure. And holy moly when I saw this Bokja furniture, I was too excited for words. Every piece was an eclectic harmony of vintage and modern textiles, alike.  Beirut based designers, Hoda Baroudi and Maria Hibri compose pieces that not only are bursts of folklore & bright colors but highlight the longevity of sustainable fabrics. Every chair had a story  to tell from hand found materials taken from the silk road of India . This collection was every Etsy lovers dream come true!

Love the embroidered label!

clever "Head Rest"

clever "Head Rest" chair!

Khristian & I literally stood in this area for an hour admiring the subtle details.


nyc odyseey back to abc - collaboration...

Italian designed, African made, the outdoor collection by Moroso took my breath away.  This widely imaginative and color rich collection is a collaboration between expert designers, and traditional African craftsmen.  Each piece is hand dyed and woven from the same material used to make the local fishing nets in Dakar, Senegal.  The color and pattern in these pieces is intoxicating, and to see the local culture and tradition honored so, was amazing.


nyc odyssey - the moma...

I never go to New York without popping into the MOMA.  Here are some highlights.  Starting with a little Picasso!  The depth of his work never ceases to amaze me.  (linocut)


abc carpet and home - lighting...

Of course ABC is know for their stunning range of lighting and chandeliers.  For an extra treat (and if you can't get enough ABC like me) have dinner at Pipa (tapas, yum!) directly next to the store.  The ambient lighting is provided by a sea of gorgeous chandeliers all available to take home as well.Gorgeous wool (yes wool!) pendant by French group Nonjetable

abc carpet and home - inspiration...

More from ABC carpet and home.  It is six amazing floors, so there is tons to share!  I love how they display their inspiration right out on the walls and in the stairwell.  Fantastico!


nyc odyssey - abc carpet and home...

Happy Monday all!  Back from the trip, dealines a bit more under control (whew) - time to share the pics!  Lets continue with the always inspiring ABC carpet and home.  Enjoy!

Warning!  This is going to be a high drama area today!  I almost DIED five times over in the Madeline Weinrib Atelier.  She has an entire room dedicated to her yummy ikat and graphic goodness.  Rows and rows of absolutely divine rugs and pillows.  The killer moment was when I discovered the clutches.  GASP!  I know you are gasping too, come on! Gorgeous wallpaper!  Structured and refined from afar, loose and organic up close. I just love the freedom in this work.TREND ALERT!  Watch for graphic, seductive silhouettes and shadows for fall 2011.


nyc trends fall 2010...

Hi! A quick hello from NYC.  Spent the day at ABC Carpet and Home.  More fab pics to come!Etsy culture is here to stay.  It is all about all things reclaimed and repurposed!