Bokja Furniture: Ecletic Beauty

Hi all! Kristin the Intern here!

Coming back from NYC, one of my favorite memories was at ABC Carpet & Home where every floor was a new adventure. And holy moly when I saw this Bokja furniture, I was too excited for words. Every piece was an eclectic harmony of vintage and modern textiles, alike.  Beirut based designers, Hoda Baroudi and Maria Hibri compose pieces that not only are bursts of folklore & bright colors but highlight the longevity of sustainable fabrics. Every chair had a story  to tell from hand found materials taken from the silk road of India . This collection was every Etsy lovers dream come true!

Love the embroidered label!

clever "Head Rest"

clever "Head Rest" chair!

Khristian & I literally stood in this area for an hour admiring the subtle details.

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