jet stream - once...

Today the jet stream lands us in Dublin to witness the modern day musical/love story ONCE. This movie is all about the music. It is not full of amazing imagery. The writing is pure and real. The inspiration lies in the chase of a dream at all costs. The willingness to risk it all for your art. It is just beautiful, and is sure to remind us of our passion to create. See the trailer here.


artist i love - alexander girard...

I love the amazing work of Alexander Girard (1907-1993). Long time designer for Herman Miller, Girard was a pioneer in American textile and surface design. Lucky for us, his work lives on for us to enjoy! máXimo is the official agent to the Estate of Alexander Girard. On the máXimo site we can explore Girard's work through wonderful collaborations with Anna Sui, Kate Spade, Chronicle Books and many other contemporary groups. His work has deeply inspired many of the textile and surface designers that we all love today.
available at urban outfitters


fashion - julien david...

Julien David was just featured in the september issue of vogue (the real one, not the movie), and is my new obsession. I have had this thing with scarves since I was a girl. I would raid my mom's drawers and find these really cool graphic scarves from the 70's. I would wrap them around my waist, use them as belts (when it wasn't cool), tie them on bags, and of course adorn my head. I am so thrilled there has been a revival of this accessory that I can't live without. His work is current, at times cheeky and always refined. I love his new take on classic themes and motifs. Find Julien David at Barneys, Colette (Paris), and Matches (London). For a complete list of stores click here.


fashion - mod cloth...

Husband and wife team Susan Gregg-Koger and Eric Koger are the dynamic duo behind Mod Cloth. Launched in 2002, Mod Cloth is a known for its vintage finds and great eye for spotting new design talent. Susan travels the world to find great vintage wears and new indie artists. They carry an interesting mix of clothing, shoes, and home accessories.

courtesy parapluies et soleil contributor Lordes Rauvae


artist interview - olivia knapp of oaffi...

Today we are catching up with wonderfully talented artist Olivia Knapp. These days Olivia is creating tons of art and is also the art director of new design studio oaffi (original art for the fashion industry). She maintains a great catalog of artwork easily purchased and downloaded from the oaffi website.
Tell us about oaffi and how the concept got started.

What lessons have you learned so far in the process?
Well, I will keep you posted on that one, it is still so early.

What inspires you?
Good people, free time, and a mild climate.

What is your favorite medium to work with?
I am always experimenting with new mediums, at the moment I love drawing with water soluble crayons and painting with inks!

Name a city that describes you best.
Portland; the city has that great Northwest weather and nurtures entrepreneurial independence within the creative and artistic community.

What design books/blogs/websites/brick and mortar stores can you not live without?
FFFFound, Juxtapoz Mag, Suzie Bubble, and The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp.

Five words that best describe your aesthetic and point of view.
Fresh, graphic, experimental, urban, and esoteric

What's next??
More artists, Printsource, Direction by Indigo, M.A.G.I.C, and a vacation to Iceland.


jet stream - morocco

photo courtesy the style files.
available at coco male
Today we are off to Morocco. Yet another place I am longing to experience first hand latley. I love the clean crisp traditional tiles. The bright textiles against the smooth adobe. It seems to be a world full of contrast. Always the best spark for inspiration I think.
window photo courtesy gary cook



new collection: olso odyssey...

One new lovely for today. I love simple, clean two or three color prints. I have actually been fantasizing about this group for some time and it have finally emerged from my sub conscious! Enjoy!

fashion - more harems...

Vogue October 2009
It's the pant silhouette of the moment, and it seems to be having a longer moment than some of us would like. So if you are dying to have your very own aladdin moment, here's the way to make it work. Cheers!


etsy finds - umbrella prints

Great hand screened fabrics in the umbrella prints shop! Also, stop by their new site.

etsy finds - avie

such a cute idea - adhesive return address labels! love!
Darling announcements and perfect pocket sized website cards.
Great prints and colors make the paper products in the shop of Avie irresistible!

etsy finds - tuesday mourning

Great glicee prints in the Tuesday Mourning shop.


jet stream...

Happy Friday to you all. Fridays have taken another creative twist and have become "jet stream". The new name is courtesy my brilliant husband who thought this name more completely and poetically embodied what I wanted to share in this space. Continue to look forward to all sorts of global inspiration in many different forms. Have a suggestion or a place that inspires you and want to share? Drop me a line!

jet stream - argentina...

Argentina - passion, passion, wine, tango, color, and more passion right? Absolutley! This fiery destination has been getting more and more attention in the past few years and rightfully so. From the magic of the big city in Buenos Aires, to the hidden smoke filled dance clubs where a sexy tango is still being danced; Argentina has everything needed to excite your creative appetite.
photos courtesy elle decor
Argentine artist Pablo Lobato represented by Anna Goodson creates these amazing illustrations of sometimes very familiar subject matter. He is well known for he talent for capturing celebreties in "a few lines".


favorite places - colette marais, france

On every trip to Paris you have alluded me. Dear Colette, next time you are going to the top of the list!!

favorite places - whitespace, atlanta

Whitespace is a wonderful little gallery nestled in a beautiful old Atlanta neighborhood. Packed full of talented artists and character this is one to check out.