Showstopper - road map to rocking your trade show...

I've been telling you something BIG was coming in September, well the wait is finally over!  Almost!  On the heels of writing Confessions of a First Timer, I have received loads of requests to go deeper into the process.  I've taken all your requests and more and created SHOWSTOPPER - Road Map to Rocking your Trade Show. This is not just an ebook!  With the help of some AWESOME GUEST STARS, I have literally created your guide to getting it all done. What I can tell you now, is this project is like no other. While I am putting the final touches on things, hop on the mailing list to be THE FIRST to hear about the upcoming release, FREEBIES, and a few surprises (that you will only find out if you are on the list! :)) along the way.  Show season will soon be upon us!  Get ready to be a Showstopper!

Excited??  I am!  I would love if you would tweet it, post it on FB, and tell all your friends who have been dreaming of making their show dreams a reality!

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