finding inspiration...

Do you ever get to that really stuck place?  You know where nothing seems quite right?  I have been on an inspiration hunt, and not a whole lot is really ringing true.  Yesterday I spent some timing digging through the latest shows from the resort lines.  That helped a bit, and I think I will spend a bit more time on that today.  What I am craving is an adventure!  But sadly adventure is not in my near future.  I'll be heading off to New York for Printsource in a few weeks, but I am longing for a place I have never been.  Exploration.  Experimentation.  I need it now!  What do you do when you get to that stuck place?  I would love to hear what reignites that fire for you.  For now, this is where I am starting.  There are definitely elements here that are ringing true and can (will, must)  lead to something exciting.  You guys know it all starts with color for me, and I am really intrigued by all the "new neutrals" right now...hmm. down the rabbit hole I go.

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