Love shows up in the smallest ways...

Hello! Mary Beth Freet here from Pink Light Design. I am guest blogging for Khristian today. Khristian and I became dear friends at a very key point in each other's lives. I believe that we helped each other get to where we are today and I am grateful for that! This led to me think about other things or people who have helped me along the path and there is one small act of kindess that touched me so deeply. It was four words, "Don't forget your art" that were written by my high school art teacher on the inside of my graduation card. What a difference four words can make!

So I pose the question: What small acts of kindness or words of encouragement can you give each and every day? Who can you share a smile with? I believe that our power to change the world lies in our power to spread love. It's contagious you know! So keep smiling. You never know whose life you will change.

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