getting excited for the 4th and a BIG SALE!...

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I am getting super excited about celebrating the 4th next week!  Truth be told I am excited because I am actually going to take some time off!  What?  Wait.  What's happening??  Yes, you heard it.  It's true, and I am thrilled (and so are my family and friends)!  For all of you who are in the mist of starting a business, you understand why this is so thrilling.  I mean it is 24/7 over here and a break is long overdue.  In celebration of the holiday and my little time en vacances, how about a SALE!!!  If you are in the midst of evaluating your mid year goals and progress, this one is for you!  Come back to THIS SPACE on MONDAY the 4th for all the juicy details!  Until then, enjoy the sunshine!

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