graphic goodness - topshop

i admit it.  i'm a sucker for black+white plus a pop of color, and all sorts of graphic goodies.  so i was daydreaming over on the topshop site and came across these goodies (and the white one is denim!  eek!)...top shop dressesi'd wear them with (i'd do it, i swear!)...bloomindales, anthropologie, topshop shoes and handbags(anthro, topshop, bloomies)


Liz said...

I just left you a long comment and it got erased! Oh no!

EC Design said...

I am loving EVERYTHING here! *drooool* Especially the zipper dress and the stripe dress - HOT! Don't get my started on Bloomies..worked there for 3 years and spent every paycheck there. My stint at Neiman Marcus was easier b/c even WITH my discount I could barely afford anything! LOL Ahh..the retail days.

BTW - I nominated you for a Sunshine Award on my blog! Because you are well, awesome-sauce =) http://ecaldwelldesign.blogspot.com/


Get Togetha said...

Love the cross stitched back in the upper right hand corner....where's it from?

khristian said...

Hi! Sure! Think you are referring to the bag? It's Anthro!