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Hi!  I hope you all had a great long weekend!  I am so excited to share with you my first ebook  Confessions of a first timer.reflections, musings, tips and tricks from a first-time Surtex exhibitor

reflections, musings, tips and tricks from a first-time Surtex exhibitor

The response from my Surtex recap post here and my guest post over on Crafting and MBA really inspired me to share all the things I've learned at my first show.  When I was preparing for the show, I would have loved to hear the thoughts of someone who had just done it for the first time.  It makes reaching the goal of getting to the show that much more attainable.

If you have read any of my recaps, you know that Surtex was a huge thrill and success for me on many levels.  Most importantly, I have learned so very much that I will take into my next show.  I hope this will give you the jump start you need to believing that you CAN make this happen for yourself! Here's a little snippet to start you off!

“Wow, those lights are bright.  It’s like I’m on a stage.”  These were the first words I uttered from inside my booth the first day of Surtex.  That is when it clicked.  I did it.  I had arrived.  This 8’ x 10’ space would indeed be my stage for the next three days.  Next thought – holy crap!!  Yes, that is the raw reenactment of my thought process on that unforgettable Sunday morning.

It’s true!  Getting to and executing your first trade show (in my case Surtex) is like riding a super scary roller coaster.  You love the thrill - you’re terrified -  repeat.

At the end of all the ups and downs lies unimaginable fulfillment. In my view, trade shows are vital as independent artists and business owners. The opportunity to show your art, craft or product to key decision makers all under one roof is absolutely priceless.  Clearly it does come at a cost measured in $/square foot, but it is more than worth it.  As with any business, face time and building relationships are vital to be successful.

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