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I found this over on one of my favorite haunts Black Eiffel.

I was going to post today on my pics from NYFW, but I found this over on Black Eiffel, and I just had to share.  First of all, it is just so beautifully shot, it is captivating.  Of course the work with the typography is amazing as well.  What I love most about this (aside from it being about Paris), is that I love to see things that encourage exploring, adventure, and learning.  I have this little theory that education has the power to end war, feed the hungry and generally make us all sit around a fire and sing.  Hey, it is not a bad vision for the world, so don't knock it.  But really, I think learning about one another makes it a ton harder to make enemies of one another.  Anyway off my soap box... The piece is one of a few from a campaign for EF or Education First.

Inspiration today. Fashion tomorrow. Enjoy!

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EF Video Team said...

Hi Kristian! I was happy to see our "Live the Language" videos on your blog! This weekend we posted 3 more films in the same series, from Sydney, Vancouver and Los Angeles!

Check them out here: http://www.vimeo.com/groups/livethelanguage/videos

Hope you'll enjoy them! :)

Yagmur @EF