fresh off surtex 2011...

Over the past months, Khristian and I have been laboring over SURTEX prep work; banners, press kits, giveaways, layout, logistics...holy moly. I can't even believe how quickly those three days came and went. Luckily, we have some bits committed to memory thanks to our very smart phones.

That's Khristian. I have my invisible cloak on, so she can't see me. Or can she...

Little labors of love for our wonderful booth stopper-byers; giveaway swatches.  Yes, they were all assembled by hand with minimal casualties.

One of Khristian's friends made some really awesome boxes out of Ivory Coast, a licensed collection that hit stores earlier this year. They turned out really nice. Perfect for keeping our booth table tops organized and pattern chic. For the record, I could really use a blouse with this Nolita print [see below; bottom-most book cover] on it. No lie.

Many many thanks to everyone for a successful second year [first for me!] at SURTEX.

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