My time in Budapest was very interesting and insightful.  It is a city still changing and finding its identity after the fall.  The juxtaposition of the old and the new, capitalism and control, progress and stagnation is astounding.  One thing is very clear, Budapest is not a central European city, it is very much an eastern city in all the ways you would imagine.  As our friends Diane and Steve put it, it could be the next Prague in a decade.  It is most definitely an eastern jewel.  Perhaps the black pearl desperately trying emerge as the new player on the scene (Hungary is stumbling trying to complete there transition into the EU).  I do hope better times will come to the country, but it is also nice know there is a rare jewel out there ready for respectful, unobtrusive admiration.

BIG THANKS to our host the wonderful Diane and Steve for all of you hospitality and patience.
Pictures are processing...(yes, film)  stay tuned for the reveal end of next week.  :)

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Diane Kappa said...

Thanks Khristian! We so enjoyed being your hosts! Anytime you are in the neighborhood you are welcome to stay with us!!