Paris, Croatia, and Budapest pt. 1...

Feeling at home in my favorite city du monde
We will get back to design straight away...  Just had to share one of me and my hubby!

Hello All!
I have return from the other side of the pond!  I must admit each time I return from Europe I go through a bit of reverse culture shock!!  Everyday is always just so magical there, it is tough to come home.  However, I am excited to get to work again!! :)  I am bursting with inspiration, and I can't wait to see all my images once they are developed.  (Yes, I am probably the only person left on the planet shooting film.  I just can't tear myself away, I love it! In black and white there is just a quality on film that is not replaceable.)

We only spent on day on the ground in Paris, but it was a good one.  Since it was just one day, I spent the time really absorbing the city and a little less time clicking away.  It was unusually cool weather, so there was an interesting mix of scarfs, liberty florals and boots.

Here are some pics from an amazing mosaic mural in one of the metros.  I instantly feel in love with the use of color and abstract geo feel.  Enjoy! 

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