On to Budapest, Hungary...

After a very slow "direct train" from Zagreb we arrive Budapest. This city was very enchanting. The essence of the people seemed to be written on the walls - literally. The city center (on the Pest side) was beautiful and mesmerizing. It has the potential to have to grandeur of Paris. However, it is not kept like the city of light. The paint is peeling, the buildings are dirty, and there is grafitti (not statement pieces) everywhere. For me this was all part of the charm. I quite fell in love with the grit living side by side with the grand. All of these things kept me very inspired to shoot away. Images from this hopefully very successful shoot coming soon.

It is all about the traditional folk art and embroidery in Hungary. The technique is everywhere you turn. Great flower and bird motifs, great bright multi color. A feast for the eyes.

Perfect way to end the day at the thermal baths. Brought to Budapest by the Turks, there are over ten natural thermal baths in the city. This was one of the real highlights of the stay. There are well over 30 pools - all different temperatures - all with different goodies for the body. We visited the radioactive pool, a medicinal pool, several pools with varying temperatures and a whirlpool! There are a variety of saunas and steam rooms including an infrared sauna that heats from within! Massages are also available. The mineral water is so pure, we even observed some locals filling large water bottles to take home. This is a must when visiting Budapest! http://www.szechenyibath.com/

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