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Janet & Trisha Snyder are the sister duo behind Pawling Print Studio.  These newcomers have burst onto the handmade scene with their gorgeous prints and patterns for the home.  The recent grads opened their etsy shop this past fall.  The inspiration for the studio name is drawn from their grandfather who shared his love of photography and painting when the two were young.

what three to five words would you use to describe your work?

Clean, Simple, Graphic

what inspires you?

Janet:  White space

Trisha:  Travel.  We lived in Singapore when we were younger and our parents took every opportunity we had to visit places they knew we'd never make it to once we moved back to the states.  I love the different smells and sounds.  I love people watching and busy marketplaces.  I love all of the time and skill that went into ornamenting old architecture and I love local handicrafts.

what was your first job?  when/how did you know you wanted a career in art?

Janet:  I knew I wanted to be an artist after a brief stint as an engineering major in college.  My freshman chemistry course had me running to an art advisor.  I had many different jobs while I was in school, but haven’t snagged one since graduation in the current job market.  In many ways, I like to consider what I am doing right now my first job.   It is the first time I feel independent and responsible for what I am doing.

Trisha:  My first job was as an ice cream scooper at Andersen’s of Denmark and my first design job was as an intern architect at a small design/build firm in New Jersey.  Art actually scares me.  For me, I am the least creative when I have complete freedom.  I prefer the challenge of solving a very specific problem in a beautiful and efficient way, which is probably why I went to architecture school and why I love the Arts and Crafts movement so much.  I think I'm much better suited for design than for art.

print studio

finish this sentence.  I could eat___________ all day.

Janet:  I will eat a whole bag of Xochitl corn chips if there is salsa or guacamole present.

Trisha:  Tacos!!

design books/blogs you can't live without

The Grammar of Ornament by Owen Jones

of paper and things

simple + pretty

living with white


we love typography

what do you do when you are not doing art?

Janet:  Make lists.  My lists include everything from doing laundry to learning Spanish.

Trisha:  Clean.  I am Little Miss Tidy.


name one thing about you that would shock the outside world.

Janet:  I will eat and enjoy almost anything that is put in front of me (really, I challenge you), but recently discovered I don’t like watermelon.

Trisha:  I was in version 2.0 of the Great Singapore Workout, a government propaganda video to promote exercise.

finish this sentence.  If I could time travel, I would arrive...

Janet:  I like to think I would make a pretty awesome MGM dancer in a 1940s/50s musical.

Trisha:  I’d like to study under Anni Albers, but I'm about 60 years too late for that.

what's next?

Hopefully lots!  We are launching our linen line this month.  The first products that will be in the shop are handmade tea towels and throw pillows, with placemats and napkins to follow.  We just purchased a flash dryer to speed things up.  Heat setting all of our items is definitely the most time consuming and least fun part of our job right now.  We'd like to spend that time experimenting with color and new patterns instead!  We'd also like to expand our paper line to include blank journals, art prints, and wrapping paper.  And on the business side of things, we would like to pursue some wholesale orders and get our own website up and running.

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