jet stream - back to paris...

southern france buildings

Ok so look.  If you don't already know that I have an absolute and total obsession with Paris and France as a whole, then you probably don't know that the sky is blue.  I am well aware that yes, it has definitely crossed over into stalker status - but I'm okay with it and I hope you are too!  ;-)  So I am a girl who knows what she wants, that's a good thing, yes?!

shooting French architecture

paris buildings and architecture

I was really starting to give it a rest until Nichole over at little brown pen started posting pics from her trip.  They are literally making my soul ache!  So I thought we would revisit a bit.  Besides, who can really get enough of Paris!parisian police

jardin de tulilleries

notre dame parisparis streetmusee d'orsayla siene paris

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nichole said...

Oh, gorgeous! Doesn't Paris just break your heart? In all the right ways. :)