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Hi!  Hope everyone is enjoying this awesome fall weather!!  Today I am so happy to share with you two amazing  resources.  The first of which is the new ebook by the amazing, awe inspiring editor of Scoutie Girl,  Tara Gentile.  If you want a dose of get it in gear, kick the door down (her words), SMART inspiration, she is your girl!  She has followed up her super successful 52 Weeks of Blogging your Passion with 52 More Weeks of Blogging your Passion.  The hundreds...yes hundreds of people who got the first book have been on the edge of their seats for this jam packed sequel.  Tara goes right to the heart of many of the tough questions we all ask ourselves daily like "How do I get more blog comments?" and "How do I write about struggles in my business?"  The book is sectioned into months, each of which has a particular intention.  From there Tara gives you 4-5 prompts to help you go below the surface of daily activities, and find YOUR voice.  What I love about Tara's approach is her overarching tone is always one of building community!  This is one not to miss.

Next up is The Declaration of You. This e-course is brought to you by two of girls I call on for eating tapas, business brainstorming, venting, laughing, exploring new ideas...well you get it..they are my go-tos!  For good reason too!  Jessica (Gonacha) Swift and Michelle Ward are two of the most inspiring, innovative, and plain old funny people who I am super proud to call close friends.  They've come up with a great course to help you get back in touch with you, and get what you really desire out of life.  The course runs from October 25th-November 22nd.  Here's the scoop in their words...

The Declaration of You is an e-course that allows each and every person to create their own manifesto / roadmap/ rulebook (or, um, declaration!) based on their uniquity (yes, it’s a made-up word, but it’s part of our declaration!). We ask that you toss your “shoulds”, “can’ts” and “impossibles” to the curb, and let yourself discover what it is you want, you believe, you desire, and is true for you. This ain’t The Declaration of Yo’ Mama, after all.

See...they are funny!  you will have tons  of fun with these two, and walk away ready to stand tall and DECLARE the path to your dreams!

***affiliate disclosure***  If you participate in either of these fantastico offerings, I will receive an affiliate commission.  DUH!  They just make me say that.  However, as always, I only tell you about the very best of what is out there, and about people and programs I truly believe in.  Have fun!  Carpe Diem!

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