pieces of me - thoughts on perfection...

So my project that I have been slaving, obsessing, and killing myself over is alive (I'm referring to SHOWSTOPPER).  Yes, that is really how it went down.  I really poured myself into this one.  An idea that started out as a "hey what if I..." during a late afternoon lunch with some friends...turned into a summer long (and then some) massive project.  Am I happy I did it? Of course!  I am thrilled with the results!  Did I have like 10,000 other ideas I wanted to put into it?  Absolutely!  The scoop is I am a Virgo, and a darn good one at that.  Translation - I am a hard core perfectionist.  However, what I am learning is, if we wait until everything is perfect, nothing would ever happen.  So in this instance, I put a date on the calendar, and declared this is when this project will come to life.  Period.  No excuses.  No second guessing.  It is so easy to try to wait for the perfect moment to move on the things we are dreaming about.  The perfect time to do a show, the perfect time to move, the perfect time to ________ (fill in the blank).  We all do it.  What the heck are we waiting for?  Really, the time is now, yes?  As artists I know we all have this inner dialog.  I've decided to cut myself some slack.  Will you join me?

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