do you vision board??...

Happy Monday to you all.  I am certain everyone had a fantastic spring like weekend, yes?  My question for you this happy spring day is do you vision board?

[caption id="attachment_1583" align="aligncenter" width="311" caption="images via decorolgy"]images via decorolgy[/caption]

A good friend told me about this awesome technique a few years ago, and it has truly changed my life!  I wake up each morning and look at images that reflect my goals and dreams.  Sometimes I take a look before bed too!chic office spacesI was perusing decorology the other day when I happened upon this stunning office designed by Betsy Burnham Ok. If you have been around me for more than five seconds you know that the two things I want most right now are assistants and an office space.  These images could not scream Khristian any more and they are headed straight for my vision board!  OMG this is so fantastic it might need a vision board of its own!!!chic office spacesWhat's on your vision board?  Do you use this technique?  I would love to hear what you are dreaming and planning.  Sometimes sharing these things with the world makes it more real, like it actually will happen.  Here's to a fantastic week!chic office spaces

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