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We're heading back to eastern Penn., to catch up fantastic artists Stephanie Corfee.  She gives us her take on her town, and how it touches her artwork.  Enjoy!

Malvern SchoolhouseI have lived in Malvern, Pennsylvania since i graduated college back in 1997. Two of my 4 residences here have been on the main drag, King Street, that takes you through the heart of our quaint borough. My other 2 homes were about 50 paces off that same thoroughfare, right on our town square park, which was another 50 paces from my parish church and school and, well,...it was pretty much within 200 paces of everything; a pub, a bank, some shopping, the train station, and whatever else you could dream up. People in town here don't need to lock their doors and we actually have festivals and fairs on a rotating schedule!

Malvern Corfee House

My husband and i bumped into each other in the corner pub here, "The Flying Pig" way back in 2001. We started dating here, shared our first apartment, bought our first home, got engaged, and had our son all in this sweet, Norman Rockwell kinda town. When we bought our first single family home 2 1/2 years ago, we went through the motions of looking far and wide and whaddya know? We still ended up right back where we started. In fact, we're just under a mile away from our previous house. My friends and family joke that we could just walk all the boxes to my newest address each time i've moved. They're right. One move we made was literally into the house next door! But i don't care. i love this place.

Malvern CemeteryMalvern Post Office

And here's the nitty gritty.

The town, itself, is "located in southeast Pennsylvania, approx. 25 miles west of Philadelphia. The Borough is 1.3 square miles and has a population of approximately 3,200. Malvern dates back to the Victorian era and continues to reflect this in the Victorian facades found in the business district, the Victorian street lamps and the brick pavers." Our house on the square was almost 100 years old with slanted floors and deep window sills. The word charming just fits perfectly.

We have an old town clock, an adorable tiny post office which i frequent!, historic buildings renovated into homes and big old estates with hulking trees which tower above giving shade. Even the cemetery in the heart of town is so ancient as to be beautiful with it's obelisks and crumblin headstones white with lime.

Malvern Dream House

Now how does where i live affect my artwork? Well, my artwork is not traditional looking. I'm certainly not getting any direct inspiration from my historic and sugary-sweet surroundings. But i'd have to say that the comfortablility and sense of community and family that is all around me here, gives me a kind of peace that is helpful when creating. i am so relaxed when sitting here in my studio. i love my view across the yard. i feel very planted here. So, while i sure could use a lot more of today's upper 60s temps, this place will forever be home. (Even if i take a certain friend's wise advice, and give sunny Austin, TX a try one of these days!)

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