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Happy Friday all!  On today's jet stream we are going to talk trend.  This global/ethnic trend has been everywhere for the past three or four years it seems - and its here to stay for a bit.  Ikat is still going strong (yay!), block printing (or the look of it) is really picking up, and "primitive" inspired prints with a futuristic spin (think late great Alexander McQueen spring 2010) are really keeping things moving forward and fresh.  The effects of globalization are spattered all over the runways and home decor.

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ethnic trend

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My personal thoughts?  This is fantastic!  The plight of the world is making us examine everything about the way we live, consume, and create.  Naturally this is going to manifest in the primary way we all express ourselves - clothing.  It seems right collectively we are all striving for a simpler life and celebrating the things that make us more similar than we are different - and THAT is exciting!


trisha (PAWLING | print studio) said...

one of my favorite trends too! great selections!!

Barbra (ifneedb.com) said...

Lovely selections, indeed! Loving your posts, Khristian. :)

Get Togetha said...

I'm seeing a lot of uber cute dresses as well! I'm loving it all. I'm posting about the lackthereof on the home decor front on Monday so this is a very timely post....