summer lovin' week - build your business from the beach!...

summer lovin week - build your business from the beachOn the heels of Surtex I have been really thinking about what is next for me.  Planning for Surtex was truly as intense as planning my wedding!  Now that it is over, and outcome has been so great, I've started really thinking about my business and where I want to go from here.  I am soooo tempted to coast through the summer!  I deserve it right?  Well I am planning a few breaks on the beach for sure. However I am not going to take my foot off the gas now!  I am going to use the next couple of months to dig into the foundation of my business.  I am going to develop a killer business plan to keep the momentum going!

This week I am sharing and suggesting ways that I (and you!) can really push things forward this summer.  The best part is you can do it from the pool!

So...let's give it a go!  No time like the present right?

1.  First things firt:  A plan...yeah that sounds like a good thing to have right?

So I am coming up on my two year anniversary of officially being a business (I count from the moment I became an llc).  Up to this point, as for the accountants, tax guys, marketers, and pr agents...well you're looking at her. Clearly, I've done my homework on all the ground work to get going. I've devoured (and continue to) any info online as well as the gracious advice from many generous established artists.  I have great systems in place (my fav. is Daylite)  I have gone to my fair share of group seminars on copyright and attended countless brainstorming and networking events.  Honestly, a part of me really likes it that way.  I love doing art, but I also love running my business.

I'm really lucky and thankful.  I created a catalog of work, and it has been really well received.  Things are happening, and it's great!  The flip side:  things are happening - fast! I am getting everything I've asked for, prayed for and more!  So now, I have to make sure I don't outgrow my own stilettos.  What I mean is, I have to start really laying a new infrastructure for the new capacity of work flowing into my business!  So here is my big step forward for today.  I have a meeting with a lawyer who specializes in working with creatives.  I am so excited about it!  I am so excited to have an expert look over the significant (grateful) number of contracts that found their way to my inbox all on one day.  I'm pumped about it (am I the only one who says that anymore)!  I am excited to work with her to build a plan for all the icky legal stuff that is so very important!

What piece in your plan can you start right now, today?  I invite you to share it here.

I like to say things aloud or to leave little trails of documentation.  It keeps me accountable!  :)  Let the summer lovin' begin!

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