summer lovin' week - finding balance...

summer lovin week - build your business from the beach

Is it just me, or have you been working double, triple overtime? Being so busy is fantastic, and I wouldn't change a thing.  Well except maybe one thing.  Would I give myself a break already?!  I (and I'm sure like you) am my worst critic! Of course drive, commitment, and determination are all fantastic things.  We would not be artists and/or business owners if we lacked these things.  However, I am realizing that I've lost a bit of the balance in my life that actually helps to keep me on my toes.  My perfect day would be to start working at about 9am, have a yoga/lunch break at about 1230, and then call it good at around 6.  When I work this way, I work more efficiently and with more focus. So why have a strayed?  It's so very easy to get caught up in a sea of deadlines (both actual and self-imposed), that sometimes we lose ourselves.

So while we are recommiting ourselves to our businesses this summer, how about we stop and recommit ourselves to ourselves too.

My commitment is to stop and have my mid-day yoga/lunch break.  What's yours?

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